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The Best Health Insurance for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Real Estate Agents & Health Insurance

Real estate agents and brokers across the country always ask one question when they first become an agent, are there any benefits? Usually the answer is no, being a licensed real estate agent usually means you are going to be a 1099 sub contractor for the brokerage that you work for. Whether it’s Keller Williams, Century 21 or even a luxury broker like Douglas Elliman or Sothebys they all run into the same problem. If you are a new real estate agent that just passed their state test, your best option for health coverage would be to get a private health insurance plan that gives you the flexibility of name brand PPO networks like United Health Care or Cigna at the same time giving you affordability for applicants that have no prior pre-existing conditions. Becoming a real estate agent give agents the chance at entrepreneurship and being able to write your own paycheck in the form of commissions. The best thing about working on your own as a licensed real estate broker is that you’re literally working for your self and you don’t have to abide by someone else’s schedule but this is also the worst thing about the career. You have to be able to hold your self accountable and actually put in the hours to be successful. Many real estate agents don’t even realize that private health insurance is an option for them but if your able to get approved than you can get amazing plans at super low rates. For example one of our recent clients who is an agent at Douglas Elliman’s Miami office got approved for a private plan with a United Health Care Choice Plus PPO Network for their family of 4 . The husband & wife were both 43 years old and for a private plan with no deductible it was only $895 per month for the entire family. We also just helped a brand new agent with Keller Williams in Dallas, Texas and he was 29 years old and we got him a plan for $255 per month with no deductible on the same United Health Care Choice Plus PPO Network. It’s always better to have your health insurance coverage be on a PPO Network so you’re covered everywhere in the country. If you are willing to put in the time and effort than being a real estate agent can be very rewarding. Working for your self and being your own CEO allows you to write your own story book and private health coverage allows you to protect you and your family at the lowest possible rates no matter where you are in the country.