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Health Insurance Plans in Dallas, Texas

The importance of health cannot be underrated in the affairs of men. The benefits of health insurance are also vital as it gives leverages to get better health care in a very considerable amount on medical, surgical, drug prescription, and dental expenses on the insured. This is most times based on your status in the society as an employer, unemployed, retired, students, etc. The premiums are partially taken up by the employer or by a tax-free individual. 

Medical expenses that the insurance does not cover will be paid for by the patients without the insurance company’s partial treatment. Health insurance exists for the employee, so it is also available for kids in colleges. This article will be centering on health insurance for kids in colleges in each city in Texas. 

If you have health insurance coverage, your children can as well benefit from it, but in a case where your health insurance does not cover your children due to some reasons, your kids too can as well be insured under a health insurance program available in Dallas, Texas under the Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP). 

Importance of health insurance

Health insurance has lots of importance that are attached to it. Looking at health care, the cost of it is quite expensive and may cost a drain on your income and budget. Being under the health insurance policy program, less will be spent on health care from Doctor Consultations, ambulance, medical tests, drug prescriptions, and lots attached to it getting accurate health care.

Private Health insurance benefits

Getting health insurance comes with various benefits; some are; 

  • By having health insurance, you will be entitled to go for free medical check-ups without having to spend extra costs depending on the premium you subscribed to.
  • You will be provided with cashless treatment as your insured company will be working together with your chosen hospital that provides you with treatment without having to bother with bills.
  • The insured company will cover the ambulance charges over transportation.
  • The insurance policy will cover pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses.

Types of Health Insurance in Dallas, Texas

There are different types of health insurance to choose from, and they vary from each other:

Government Health Insurance: The government has a part in this type of health insurance by subsidizing the citizens for a premium. Medicaid, Medicare are some of the examples under the government health insurance scheme.

Private health insurance: According to the Center for Disease Control, private Health Insurance for most Dallas residents is mostly covered under the private health insurance scheme.

There are other types of plans apart from the government and private insurance, which needs to be considered while choosing a plan and how you can benefit from it.

Managed-care plans: This is like a healthcare network that provides low-cost medical care with the policyholders. Any treatment taken outside the network will incur more expenses, which will have to be paid for.

Health Maintenance organizations: These organizations provide medical care to those insured under them, and they have a dedicated physician that sees the health treatment of their enrollee.

Preferred provider organizations: This health insurance gives the insured chances to visit any medical center of their choice and have a network of approved providers.

Point of service plans: Under this plan, the insured has the privilege of choosing between the coordinated treatments from a primary care doctor or receiving treatment from the insurers preferred network provider. This plan makes known how the insurer’s treatment is progressing.

Forms of health insurance Plans 

Family health insurance: Under this policy, all the family members can be included under this plan for adequate health care according to the premium chosen.

Maternity health insurance: This plan covers pre and post maternal care, child delivery expenses, medical care for the newborn child on medications, treatments, and ambulance for the child depending on the company you are having the insurance with.

Personal accident plan: This policy covers any accident that an individual may encounter and the treatment’s hospitalization expenses.

Individual health insurance: This plan is meant for an individual who has opted in for an insurance plan, and it depends on the premium such an individual has chosen for his or her health care policy.

Surgery and critical illness insurance: The premium for this type of plan are usually high as the critical illness it covers such as kidney failure, paralysis, cancer, heart attacks, and other surgical operation are highly cost-effective.

Senior citizen health insurance plan: This insurance policy covers those senior citizens and the aged people who are above the ages of 60 years in having adequate health care that may surface when getting old. 

Unit linked health insurance plan: This is the type of plan that offers people savings and insurance at the same time to enjoy some leverages attached to having an insurance policy. 

Though for college students, health insurance might not be something to bother about but to be on the safe side should in case of any health emergency, there won’t be the need to spend in excess to get proper health care treatment on your own if you are not insured under parents’ plan or that of your school.  

Health insurance coverage plan for Texas college kids

There are different options to choose from in various coverage for college kids in Texas.

Parent’s plan: As a full-time student, there may be eligibility of been covered under the parent’s insurance plan, but for students studying outside, you may not be under the health insurance coverage.

College’s plan: Some colleges offer health insurance plans for students, especially full-time students; as a part-time student, this plan may not cover you or if you stay outside the campus, depending on what the school has.

Student’s Health Plan: This is the plan for full-time students. For this plan, the coverage is not limited to any state; it can be used wherever you go in the State.

This student plan comes with lots of benefits attached to it;

Students are not limited in its use as it covers through all the year and not for an academic year alone. It can also be used wherever you go as a student, unlike the college’s plan or parent’s plan, which may not be taken with you if you are going out of Texas. If you decide to change school, you are still covered; there won’t be the need for you to seek another health insurance again.

Health insurance companies in Texas.

There are various companies in Texas offering health insurance; companies with the best rate will be highlighted.

Health Insurance costs in Dallas, Texas

The rate of health insurance in Dallas, Texas, varies depending on the metal tier. The residents of Dallas, Texas, can be said to pay an average of $510 per person for a major of medical insurance. Prices may vary depending on the metal tier and the premium of their choice, including the plan going for. There are three basic metal tiers: bronze, silver, and gold, and it comes with their average premium pay. Averagely for bronze $510, for silver $547, and gold $680.

It is important to choose the best plan when choosing a health insurance plan because the type of plan dictates how individuals will receive treatment and the amount they need to pay outside what the insurance company will be paying for on their behalf.


Like most places in Texas, Dallas has an array of excellent health insurance packages favorable to everyone. But in particular, college kids have a more detailed health insurance plan to help them get through their schooling days. It is wise for students to take advantage of these benefits as early as possible. 


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