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Will the Democrats Socialize Health Insurance?

Since the early 90’s and Hillary Clinton tried for Hillary Care the democrats have been trying to change private health insurance and make it into a single payer system or socialized health insurance. Look no further than the VA and the disaster it was for so many years to see how gov’t handles medicine and health care. Until the Trump administration passed more options for our veterans the VA was a mess for decades. Now Veterans have choice and can go to any doctor they want and get the bill reimbursed. How would our gov’t handle socializing over 350 million Americans all onto government provided health care? Trump was able to obtain a huge victory for Vets and get them the first increase in spending and more accountability to doctors at the VA . The VA was founded in 1989 and was never revamped until 2018.

Special Open Enrollment February 15th – May 15th 2021

The white house announced a new executive order to help defeat Covid in opening the marketplace for a special enrollment so people who lost their jobs and thus lost their health insurance can now get a new plan on the marketplace. So far there hasn’t been a huge marketing push to let people know that they can even get a new health insurance plan. If the Biden Administration wants people to sign up for new health care on the marketplace they are doing a poor job of getting the word out. There was a 50 million dollar budget for health and human services to help advertise this new open enrollment but there has been few if any commercials that just started about a month into the open enrollment being available. Now with less than 60 days left to enroll and not as many applicants as you would think it’s hard to believe the administration could ever convince the country that gov’t backed health care would work for everyone. Not to mention the loss of jobs if there was no more private health insurance. As of 2018 Statista says there are over 1.2 million insurance brokers in the USA with an average income over $60,000 per year and growing , it’s now proven that the industry is recession proof and pandemic proof. After the 2020 coronavirus pandemic health insurance companies saw quarterly profits sky rocket and Cigna, United Health Care , Blue Cross and Blue Shield all had record years. Most experts find it hard to believe that the gov’t would kill over a million high paying jobs and crush these big insurance companies for the sake of socializing health insurance. Will the 50-50 split in the Senate and the tie breaking vote going to VP Harris be enough to pass serious legislation like new health care? If they try to kill the 60 vote threshold in the filibuster to allow a straight majority to pass items through the senate than Republican minority leader Mitch Mcconnell has said that the republicans would go scortched earth and stop anything and everything from getting through the senate. See here

Companies like My Private Health Insurance give clients the ability to pick the health insurance that benefits their family the most. If your in your 50’s and your kids are grown than why would you want to pay extra money for maternity care? Private health insurance gives every client an a la carte health insurance and passes along the savings to the customer so they are paying for benefits that they need and want. Health Coverage is not a one size fits all option and private health insurance gives people choices. Some people like Dunkin donuts coffee and some people love Starbucks. Others like making their own brew at home, if we allow our government to do away with private health insurance than in fact we are throwing away our choices and our options. Our health care system may be broken for some but for others it’s perfect, let’s amend and fix the things that aren’t working but there is no need to change the wheel.