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What is the best health insurance plan in Florida?

Florida Health Insurance

Are you searching for the best health insurance companies in Florida? If yes, then you are on the right page. It is a fact that health insurance is the essential thing if you want to protect yourself and your family. But did you ever wonder how to get private health insurance plans in Florida? If yes, then thankfully, there are plenty of catastrophic health insurance plans in Florida. Thus, there are many options for people looking for affordable yet best health insurance plans. But at the first step, let’s discuss few important things. 

Health insurance covers wholly or partly the medical expenses of any individual. Thus, the whole thing works systematically. Companies calculate the overall risk and potential health threats of any person. As a result, the insurer develops a finance structure in which the applicant pays a monthly insurance premium. People pay this amount in the account of the health care facilities. However, the whole process is handled by different insurance companies. The most significant stakeholders of the entire process are the individuals, private businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. But today, we are going to discuss the catastrophic health insurance plans in Florida. 

Does Florida require you to have health insurance? 

ACA requires residents of Florida to have health coverage. 1.6 million residents in Florida state are enrolled in ACA compliance health insurance plans. Thus, the ratio is more than any other state of the USA. The stats show one of the highest insurance entry rates in Florida. For instance, almost 4.66 million Floridians are enrolled in the Medicare program. So, it shows the trend and scope of the health insurance program. Here are some pointers that will help to understand. 

  • If you are a health insurance company in Florida, you can use the “Health insurance” website to register. In other words, we call it a federally facilitated marketplace. 
  • In Florida, companies can sell short-term plans with coverage of up to 365 days.
  • There are almost ten insurers who are offering services in 2021. Thus, all of these companies are using the Florida exchange. 
  • If we look at the trend, then in 2021, the insurers proposed a surge up to 1.8% in the insurance rate. Moreover, the reports say that almost 1.9 million Floridians enrolled for a plan in 2020. It is one of the highest entry ratios nationwide. 

Types of health coverage:

There are many types of health insurance plans that are working in Florida. The monthly installment depends on the kind that you choose. So, here we are mentioning the main types of health insurance. 

  • Health insurance organization plans: We call it HMO. However, you can see the specialist doctor or care provider in an organizational network in this health insurance. But if you want medical help outside of the web, then you need a reference. It won’t be wrong saying that HMO is one of the affordable health insurance plans. But here, you get the least amount of freedom to choose which care provider you want to see. 
  • Preferred provider organization plans: We call it PPO. Hence in this type of health insurance, you get the chance to see a network of doctors and specialists. But if you want to see any medical staff outside of your network, you will have to pay extra. Above all, you don’t need the referrals to see the specialist. But PPO is comparatively expensive than the HMO. 
  • Exclusive provider organizations: We may call it EPO. In this type of health insurance, you get a network of doctors and specialists. As a result, you can choose the assistance options that you want. But you can use this special assistance in case of emergency. Moreover, if you’re going to see any doctor outside of the network, you don’t need a referral. 
  • Point of service: We call it POS. However, it is a mixture of PPO and HMO. After buying the POS plans, you can see the doctors and specialists outside of your network. But it would help if you have a referral to get an appointment. Above all, in POS, you can see any doctor or specialist you want but after paying an extra fee. 

These are the common types of health insurance plans. Thus, you can go with any kind that goes best with your budget and terms. 

Differentiation between insurance plans:

You can choose while buying the health insurance plans. If you purchase from a broker or health insurance company, decide according to its benefits. But if you are under 30, you can buy highly deductible catastrophic health insurance plans in Florida. 

Plan name

Insurance company covers

Your contribution














Catastrophic health insurance plans in Florida provide assistance and coverage in case of emergencies. It means you only get medical care for emergencies or preventive care. Thus, you pay for the emergency service until you meet deductibles. Due to this, it is best for people who are under 30. 

How to find the best health insurance companies in Florida?

If you live in Florida, you surely need health insurance plans for yourself and your family. There are many best health insurance companies in Florida that are providing different programs. Thus, these plans come with preventive care benefits. The services and coverage of each company vary. So, you have to pay an extra price to get those added services. Mainly here are the following essential benefits that you will get: 

Emergency services


Pregnancy and maternity

Ambulatory patient services

Drug’s prescription

Mental health assistance

Rehabilitate service

Laboratory services

Wellness screenings

Pediatric services

Preventive services

And many more

Note: While buying catastrophic health insurance plans in Florida, keep in mind there are some areas that insurance doesn’t cover. For instance, health insurance doesn’t cover weight loss, cosmetic surgeries, travel vaccination, etc., in the list. So, it’s better to read about Florida’s private health insurance plans before making a decision. 

Florida’s health insurance marketplace:

The best way to find the best health insurance companies in Florida is by visiting the “Health insurance organization” website. We can say it as the Florida health exchange marketplace. The website is specifically designed to keep you informed and well aware of Florida’s catastrophic health insurance plans. It is a federally run marketplace that most families and individuals use. It is a marketplace used by those people to whom employers or Medicare doesn’t offer any plan. Apart from this, there are the following other types of recipients who use the insurance plans. 

  • Individual/family health plans: These are the plans purchased by those who are retired and self-employed. Apart from this, people who quit before 65 years buy private health insurance plans in Florida from here. These people purchase insurance plans by using this platform until they become eligible for Medicare. 
  • Small businesses: Small businesses don’t offer any health insurance plans. So, people who work with the small venture purchase these plans. 

The health insurance organization opens up the enrollment from Nov. to December. However, you can register yourself in the plan. It is open enrollment, and existing members can change their coverage for next year. But if you are a new enroller, then carefully fill up the financial information. The subsidy calculates on the financial information that you fill-up. The best health insurance companies in Florida are part of this platform. 

Best health insurance companies in Florida:

The best way to choose the best health insurance companies in Florida is by reading their reviews. Customer satisfaction is the most notable thing that will help you in decision-making. Apart from this, look at these other factors: 

  • Types of coverage that insurer offers 
  • Financial strength ratings 
  • Coverage areas 

Apart from this, look into the additional features that companies offer to their members. These features include online services and wellness programs. The health insurance industry is ruled by five top companies that occupy 44% of the marketplace. So, here are the best companies that you can consider. 

United Health Care: 

There are more than 70 million members of the United health care group. Thus, these numbers make it one of the largest companies covering a more significant number of human lives. However, this company offers a variety of insurance services. For instance, it offers everything from individual to full employer benefit plans. Above all, the company can cover the insurance plans of giant-sized organizations. 

  • If you are living in the USA other than Florida, then you can still buy their policy. Yes, the United health care group offers services in more than 50 states of the USA. 
  • The headquarter of the United health care group is in Minnetonka, Minnesota. 
  • Moreover, the insurance company has the most expansive network of hospitals and health care professionals. If we look at the stats, then there are 1.3 million physicians and health care experts are working in more than 6,000 hospitals. 

So, by choosing the UHC, you get the chance to select from more options. It means by paying here; you can take care of yourself in a better way. 



Large PPO network

Less overall customer satisfaction rating in 2020

The facility of the Online health care services


Anthem is grabbing the second spot on our list. It is a health insurance company that is serving 39.9 million members. These promising figures are making it the second-largest and best company offering Catastrophic health insurance plans in Florida. The company helps the commercial and business health care segments. The health insurance plans are more network-based that serve large to small businesses. Apart from this, the individuals, Medicaid, and Medicare markets can take advantage of these offers. The working states of the company are as follows: 








New Hampshire etc.

Unfortunately, Anthem doesn’t offer services for Florida. Anthem holds the license of “Blue Cross Blue Shield” health insurance products. It means you will see the sign of BCBS on the products along with the state name. But in reality, you will be buying a plan from Anthem. 


Cigna is at the third spot and bringing a difference in the lives of more than 20.4 million people. These numbers make it the fourth largest provider of private health insurance plans in Florida and all over the USA. The company has the headquarter in Bloomfield Conn. Cigna offers health insurance and other health-related services to other companies globally. Apart from this, there are many areas that Cigna is covering. For example, the company offers dental, behavioral health, vision, Medicare, supplement health, and retirement benefits in the Cigna health insurance plans. Right now, the company is serving into following states:








North Carolina



It provides excellent monetary strength. Moreover, you don’t need out-of-network approvals, which is the best thing. Cigna offers incredible telehealth services to the members. But here is a drawback that Cigna offers relatively less coverage area. 

Affordably protect your health:

The above discussion is proving you need an insurance plan if you are living in the USA. Medicare is health coverage that is available for disabled people or those who are older. We mentioned earlier, 4.6 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare. But most of the Floridian population is under 65 years. So, in this situation, Floridians desperately need the best health insurance companies in Florida. We already mentioned the top three best companies. However, select a company that is offering these services: 

  • Family health insurance plans 
  • Private health insurance plans in Florida 
  • Major medical or catastrophic health insurance plans in Florida 
  • Small business group health plans 
  • A company that offers a large coverage area 
  • Find affordable plans like short-term plans, packaged medical insurance, and a medical cost-sharing system. 

But always keep in mind that each plan has its limitations and terms. So, it is vital to read the documents carefully before making them official. Moreover, always choose a program in which you get more benefits by paying less from your pocket. Remember that premiums may vary according to the zip code, age, gender, and other factors. Usually, you have to pay up to $467/person for private health insurance plans in Florida.