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Open Enrollment February 15th to May 15th 2021

For the first time since it’s inception health and human services has opened the marketplace for health insurance on from February 15th to May 15th. The Administrations main hope is to give people affected by Covid-19 and may have lost a job a chance to get affordable health care that will cover any pre-existing conditions.

Will anyone know about this special enrollment?

The centers for medicaid and medicare services announced along with Health and Human Services that $50 million dollars will be spent on outreach and advertising to let people know that this open enrollment exists. It’s now February 24th and still no commercials on TV or no social media Ad presence has took place yet. Biden’s Administration knows it needs to make sure this money is spent asap or no one will know that this open enrollment is taking place. Obama’s Administration spent over $100 million dollars was spent in the final year of his administration during open enrollment of 2017 to make people aware that they were able to get new health insurance. There was a commercial on every TV channel day and night it was impossible not to watch a tv show and not see an open enrollment advertisement. With the corona virus pandemic affecting everyone in the country now is the time for the Biden administration to spend money to let America know that they can get health insurance for the next 90 days at affordable rates no matter what health conditions someone may have.

What happens after May 15th, can I still get health insurance?

If you don’t have any major health conditions or you’re over the household income limits where you won’t qualify for any government subsidies. Private health insurance may be your best option for health coverage and you can apply for private plans year around. Companies like My Private Health Insurance sell private plans in 30 states where the client can pick and choose what they want covered. If you’re interested in wellness and doctor visits than you can get that covered or if you’re more worried about major medical claims or catastrophic health insurance plans that will cover you in the case of expensive claims at the hospital. Then a catastrophic insurance plan will cover you for those major claims. People who spent the spring of 2020 in the hospital with Covid-19 and eventually recovered by the end of 2020 they were receiving hospital bills north of a million dollars depending on how long they stayed admitted to the hospital. Don’t let this happen to you and make sure your family is covered with either a marketplace plan through or a private insurance plan on a major PPO network like United Health Care Choice Plus PPO or Cigna PPO.