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What is the Best Health Insurance to Get after Losing Medicaid?


Losing Medicaid insurance through the state is a good thing because it usually means your family household income has now gone up to a level where you will no longer get subsidies but now your insurance cost will go up. Many factors can be responsible for you losing this Medicaid insurance either on the negative of losing your job or the good side of securing a high-income job that makes you unqualified again. Getting private health insurance, which costs more than the subsidized insurance you had been enjoying, might want to pose some little challenges for you.

This is especially so if there is a record of any form of ailment you have been nursing for some time or if you are on special and regular medication. Choosing the right company or insurance providers outside of Medicaid can be hard. So rather than tell you which other providers to go to, why don’t we help you decide which service you truly need? Since we know for certain that no other policy provider is as thorough as Medicaid, other providers are skilled at certain offers. Hence learning what offer you truly need is the most important solution and step to take. 

Things to put to heart when sorting for private health insurance

Getting a health insurance plan goes a long way in covering for your state of health or any difficulties that might spring forth and effectively manage the risk associated with it either in times of accident, diseases, or pandemic. Before considering any health insurance plan, it is good to bore some things in mind, guiding you in choosing the right plan that will fit you and your family at a discount rate.

  • Consider family members and their age and yours, also consider their existing sickness or health records.
  • Plans that offer adequate coverage benefit the premium that is affordable for you and your household members.
  • Look into the waiting period before deciding on the plan to go for. To save yourself in a day of emergency, a plan with a short waiting period will be a good go for you.
  • Cashless insurer hospital treatment should be looked into when choosing any plan should any case of emergency arise. 
  • A plan that caters to pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses will be the best to go for as it will handle all the expenses without you having to spend on extra cost.
  • It will be more reasonable to go for a plan that can handle both the maternity and the newborn child expenses, especially for those in the circle of childbearing or the newly wedded couples.
  • A life renewal plan is always best to consider as some sickness may surface while aging; this will help insurance coverage.
  • Consider a plan that can give you free medical check-ups any time you feel like knowing the state of your health.
  • Read through the health insurance’s drug prescription coverage if you are on any particular medication; this will help you choose the right plan that will be favorable to you or your family’s health condition.
  • Properly consider the amount you are meant to pay monthly for any premium before your health insurance pays the claim if it is what is within your budget and can be afforded.
  • Consider if the health insurance company you are going for has good customer support to reach out to whenever you need any help.

After you might have properly read between the lines of the various health insurance companies guide and plans, you wish to consider which health insurance is the best to go for?

The best health insurance to get in the market place is those that offer you the best hospital care at an affordable price rate. Those with good premium benefits with no hidden fees or charges and their claim are very encouraging. Health insurance covering every aspect of your health from surgery, dental, vision, pediatric, and medication is the best to go for.

Go for insurance that gives you the flexibility of monthly premium payment. Health insurance that can cover your previous health records is the best for you to continue with your treatment where it stopped when you were opted out of the subsidized health care insurance policy.

A health insurance company with limitations in their term and policy may affect your present or future treatment condition. Do not go for insurance that does not cover a period of emergency for you or a family member. Go for Health insurance that covers the hospitals that are within your place of residence. The best health insurance you go for should provide coverage for your children’s health and cover for pregnant and nursing mothers.


Putting all these indices together, you will be able to determine which policy provider offers policies more suiting to your need.