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How Do I Become a Licensed Health Insurance Agent in Florida?

Justin Brain

The health insurance agent job comes with several opportunities, all of which can be lost if you don’t have the right license and documentation to back your service. Unlike other jobs, you can’t just jump to become a health insurance agent, especially in a regulation-clamped city like Florida. There are a number of processes to go through before you get licensed. These cycles and how to achieve them are some of the ethe we’ll be looking at.

The 4 Steps to Obtain an Insurance Agent License

  1. Enroll in the School For Insurance Agents

The primary thing you must do to obtain your insurance license is to enroll in a school certified by the State of Florida to obtain the pre-license. All the contents are in the English language, so it shouldn’t require so much commitment to English readers. 

Cost of running the school program

The school’s cost can range from $250 to $300, perhaps more, depending on the license you want to get. The important thing is that in that price, they include in many cases, the study materials: Guides, Questions, and Answers, Orientations to take the State Exam and the essentials: The book of the edition corresponding to that year. 

Interestingly, obtaining school Insurance doesn’t take long, it’s a few hours a week, most times, it is about 40 hours. You can do it on weekdays or two weekends, depending on your schedule and availability. Attending the school is not the only option; you can study online on certain authorized pages. Be sure you pick out the sites that are authentic and verified. However, it is better to do it physically assisted by an experienced teacher. Online, self-taught learning could prove to be a bit more complicated. Still, if you prefer this method, try searching for other available pre-licenses on the internet.  

  1. Decide on your license type. 

You must define what type of license you need; they can be:

  • License 2-15; Life, Health, and Variable Annuity Agents (Medical Insurance Agent, Life Insurance and Annuities: This is most recommended, and you study only once for the three licenses. The books for all three are the same, and the school and exam costs are similar.
  • License 2-14: Life and Variable Annuity Agents
  • License 2-40: Health Agents (Medical Insurance Agent)
  1. Preparation for the state exam

This stage is decisive for the success of the exam. It is assumed that you already have the insurance school certificate (Certificate of Completion) for having completed the course. This document is invaluable since you must present it to the State as part of the documents to request the agent exam.

At the school, you will receive the precise instructions to access the State of Florida’s official website. There you can begin with the processing of your documents and then receive the date of the exam. The approximate cost for preparation is $ 111.00

When you are instructed to complete it, you must make the biometrics (fingerprinting) as the Florida State requires. (Approximate cost of fingerprints $60). It’s also necessary that you look for the specific information that corresponds to you outside the State of Florida.

You must master the websites of the State to obtain the License of Agent of Medical Insurance and Life Insurance (Health and Life Insurance). The information contained in these sites is official and can be of much use to you.

  1. Take the state exam

When you have all the documentation required by the State and its financial department, you must request the exam date at a location that Pearson Vue will provide you with. You must define the date and time well. Try to make it the right one for you. Find the best day and time where you think you might perform best.

The exam usually lasts 1 to 2 hours or longer. There are about 160 questions, which appear on the computer. You must know that if you use up the time given to take the exam and are yet to finish, your computer will shut off or, rather, it will be turned off. 

The questions are not explanatory; they are plain objective questions. That is, a question has 3 or 4 supposed answers. The important thing is that you read well and mark the one indicated. If you fail, you can take as many exams as you like, but you will have to pay 100 dollars each time you request to do it again. 


Even so, the knowledge provided by the School of Insurance is only the beginning of what you need to take the state exam. A great daily effort is required to finish school to appropriate the knowledge yourself through the Book-Manual or other study documents. Although it seems like a daunting process, it is worth it in the long run.