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Colorado Private Health Insurance

My Private Health Insurance operates in the state of Colorado. We work hard to make finding the right health insurance easier for you. Whether you’re shopping for a family or just yourself, we help you find just what you need.

Through our simple process, you’ll be connected with an experienced insurance agent. Your agent will show you the best Colorado health insurance options for your budget and your specific health needs.

Private Health Insurance

After losing your job or losing your private health insurance coverage in Colorado, you need an option to keep you covered. Medical emergencies often don’t choose the best timing. With private health insurance in Colorado, you’ll remain covered when your employer’s health insurance doesn’t cover you anymore.

Who Should Consider Private Health Insurance in Colorado?

Maybe your employer’s insurance doesn’t cover you anymore. If this is the case, it’s time to consider private health insurance in Colorado. A few other reasons to consider private health insurance include:

  • You’re a part-time worker
  • You’re self-employed
  • You’re retired
  • You don’t have a job right now
  • You cannot get coverage from your employer

Individual Health Insurance

Big life events might have you looking for the right individual health insurance plan in Colorado. You want to protect your health and your finances with the best coverage fitting your budget.

With individual health insurance, you’ll keep the cost of medical expenses down. If you end up in the hospital, you won’t have to drain your savings or go into debt just to stay healthy.

How do I get Individual Health Insurance in Colorado?

Those working for themselves or without access to employer health coverage can use individual health insurance in Colorado. We connect you with the right agent through a simple three-step process. Your agent will show you the best individual health insurance plans in Colorado for your coverage needs and budget.

Whether you’ve recently moved or experienced another major life event, you might be able to find the right plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Several of the individual health insurance options found here will also remain available outside of the special enrollment period.



Family Health Insurance

When you need to provide health coverage for you, your spouse, and your children, family health insurance plans in Colorado make sense. Medical emergencies are unpredictable, especially with children. Make sure you’re fully covered by getting the right family health insurance plan today.

Maybe you work for yourself or your employer doesn’t offer health benefits. No matter the case, family health insurance plans will help protect your family’s health and financial well-being.

Short-Term Health Insurance

Choosing the right health coverage for your specific situation makes a difference. Sometimes, a short-term health insurance plan fits just right. When you need to fill in gaps between coverage, a short-term plan makes sense. It will work great for these situations:

  • You’re currently unemployed
  • You started a new job, but don’t qualify for health benefits yet
  • The enrollment period for this year has passed
  • You just turned 26 and no longer qualify for your parent’s plan
  • You’re dealing with an emergency situation

Colorado short-term health insurance is designed to help cover you for a few months while waiting on other coverage to begin. It will give you the necessary coverage to keep you from spending your savings if something happens.

What do Short Term Medical Plans Cover?

Your short-term health insurance will cover a number of things, such as:

  • Prescription medication
  • Visits to your doctor
  • Preventative care services
  • Emergency care
  • Urgent care

Many of the short-term health insurance plans will give you better pricing for in-network doctors. There are several plans to choose from, so make sure you get the right one for your needs.

Catastrophic Health Insurance

Choosing the right health coverage isn’t easy. Sometimes, you just need to be protected in the event of a major medical emergency in Colorado. With catastrophic health insurance plans, you’ll have an affordable solution to provide the right level of protection.

If you don’t have any type of insurance, medical bills can pile up fast. Emergencies can drain your bank account and send you deep into debt. Catastrophic health insurance in Colorado will protect your financial well-being during a health emergency

Who Qualifies for a Catastrophic Plan in Colorado?

If you want to use catastrophic health insurance in Colorado, you need to be under the age of 30. The ACA guidelines do allow those age 30 and above to qualify if they can get a hardship/affordability exemption. This isn’t an easy exemption to get, but it’s necessary if you want to use catastrophic health insurance and you’re 30 years of age or older.

Small Business Health Insurance

Small businesses need a way to offer employees health insurance. With health benefits, you gain a way to retain good employees and recruit new employees. Standard group insurance doesn’t always offer an affordable solution for businesses with less than 10 employees.

Choosing small business health insurance in Colorado gives you the ability to offer great coverage to your employees. You won’t have to worry about how well they are protected and you can offer a wonderful benefit most workers prefer.

Does My Business Qualify for Small Business Health Insurance?

Small businesses with 1 to 50 employees in Colorado qualify for small business health insurance. As long as your business is willing to pay for a portion of the premium, you’ll get to enjoy no enrollment restrictions and you can apply any time of the year.

Large Group Health Insurance

Larger businesses with more than 50 employees will use large group health insurance to provide health coverage for their workers. If you want to compete in today’s work environment, providing high-quality healthcare is a great way to set yourself apart.

Businesses in Colorado can choose from a wide selection of large group health insurance plans. Quality health coverage will help show how much you appreciate your workers and can even lead to higher levels of productivity.

What is Considered a Large Group Health Plan in Colorado?

If your business employs at least 51 people, you will qualify for large group health insurance in Colorado. The different categories will determine which plans are best for you and include:

  • 51 to 99 employees
  • 100 to 5,000 employees
  • 5,000 or more employees

Each group plan will also offer options, such as accident insurance, hospital indemnity, dental coverage, vision insurance, and critical illness coverage.

Travel Health Insurance

Choosing to travel abroad for work, school, or pleasure is a big task. You want to make sure you’re prepared, even if it’s just a two-week trip. The right travel health insurance will give you the protection you need when you’re not in the United States.

Once you leave the country, your regular health insurance will likely not cover you. In the event of a medical emergency, you need to make sure you’re fully covered. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your current health coverage includes travel health insurance outside the country.

Supplemental Health Insurance

Even if you get your main health insurance from your employer, it might not be complete. Many top health insurance options in Colorado don’t include the necessary supplemental coverages, such as:

  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Life
  • Accident
  • Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Cancer

With supplement health insurance in Colorado, you can get the coverage you need. Pick and choose the right additional options to customize your health coverage with plenty of options to choose from.

Children’s Health Insurance

It’s possible, you’re covered through your employer, but your children don’t have health coverage. If this is the case, you can get children’s health insurance in Colorado to ensure they have the medical coverage necessary.

In some cases, you might need health coverage for your children if they play school sports, go on school trips, or attend a private school. When this is the case, children’s health insurance offers the right coverage for your needs.

Regardless of why you need children’s health insurance in Colorado, it’s a good idea to make sure your kids are fully covered. Children end up in the hospital all the time and the last thing you need is a medical debt due to a lack of coverage.

Affordable Health Insurance

Our team works hard to ensure you get the affordable health insurance you need in Colorado. We make comparing quotes and working with an agent easy.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed as you try to find the best health coverage for your budget on your own. With a variety of affordable healthcare plans, we provide you with the top options for your coverage needs and budget fast.

Medi-Share Health Program

Those seeking an alternative to Colorado health insurance will like Medi-Share. It’s a cost-sharing program allowing you to choose the right plan for your budget. You’ll share eligible medical bills with other members as a part of the Medi-Share health program.

Traditional health insurance might not fit with your lifestyle, but you can still gain coverage. If someone on your plan becomes ill, you will receive the necessary medical services. Then, a request will be made for the medical expenses. When the request is approved, the community funds will pay the healthcare providers.

Whether you’re just looking for a different option or you don’t qualify for traditional insurance, Medi-Share offers a great alternative option in Colorado.

It’s important to get the right health coverage for you and your family. With our Colorado health insurance options, you’ll be able to find the right plan for you. We will help you work with an experienced agent to find the right coverage; at a price, you can afford.

Call us today or request your free health insurance price quote online.


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