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Health insurance is meant for covering excessive expenses that may occur as a result of being ill. The medical expenses may relate to different expenses such as the cost of being hospitalized, the fees for consulting a doctor, and purchasing medicines. Getting the best insurance plans in Denver, Colorado it may seam like a huge process but you may find it easier than you think. My Private Health Insurance gives clients all of their options for private health coverage whether it is for their family, their small business or just individual coverage for themselves.

Types of Health Insurance 

Health Insurance is of two basic types. They are

1. Major Medical Health Insurance

This type of health insurance plan is used to cover diseases or sicknesses that are threats to life. These types of disease may require the patient to be treated for a prolonged time. It may also require a specific change in the style of living. Unlike the other type of health insurance, you can make a payout on critical illness cover, which the client selected, not being the exact spendings incurred in the hospital. The critical illness insurance plans are alternative for the time you have been off from work due to the illness. On this type of plan, the payout rate is made when the disease has been diagnosed, for which there will be no need for the original medical bills. Getting a Catastrophic or Major medical only plan will cover you for all those major claims we hope will never happen but I think everyone knows if you spend 2 nights in the hospital your looking at a bill over $20,000 and some people that spent a few weeks in the hospital in March, April of 2020 are now receiving bills north of $800,000 for a month stay due to Corona Virus. Having a Major Medical Insurance Plan will help save you from wasting your money on these giant hospital bills.

2. Private Health Insurance

Also known as the hospitalization plan, it is the most and common health insurance type. When you are ill, and on admission to a hospital, this type of insurance has got you covered. Making payout is done on the exact expenditures you have incurred in the hospital when your original bills are submitted. For families, this type of insurance plan has got you covered to a certain extent.

Whether you want more of a catastrophic health insurance plan that will cover you for major medical claims or you want the “Cadillac plan” that will cover you for all your wellness visits as well as sick visits and any hospitalizations or major medical claims you may have, you can find what your looking for by speaking with a reputable licensed health insurance agent. when you call My Private Health Insurance you will only speak with a licensed agent in Ohio this way you know your quote is accurate and your getting a plan tailored to your specific needs. If you fill out your info on google into one of those “get 10 quotes” forms you will get hundreds of calls from boiler room call centers and most people will not even have a license to sell health insurance. Getting the best health insurance plan in Denver is easy when you have experts at your side. Call us at anytime to speak to an agent now 754-206-9583.


Why health insurance is important for you?

Nobody will ever include sickness in their plan, including getting hurt or injured. However, we may not be able to resist certain illnesses or diseases at a point in time. Treating diseases at times may require us to spend outrageously while leaving us with a financial dent on our hard-earned money. Since we all understand the persistent rise in the costs associated with medical treatment, you may have to deprive yourself of certain things such as getting the best education for your child or a pause in the repayment of your house loans, including other related issues.

For instance, a cancer patient will be required to take cancer medicine known as Herceptin that goes for about 10,000 for a vial of 440 mg. This depends on how the patient weighs, but about 17 to 19 bottles are typically required in treating a patient in a year. Combining this with the expenses required to consult doctors, the cost of being hospitalized, and the cost of chemotherapy may be too high to afford as there is increment yearly. Smarter people have always taken the right step by quickly opting for health insurance.

It offers these people a living benefit since they understand that there will be a need for money at the point of dire need. Having a certain illness can draining one’s lifetime savings that have been committed to sponsoring one’s child in school, caring for oneself after retirement and other likely things. Nobody will want sickness to shatter the dream of one’s family, most especially if one has the opportunity to protect themself financially. Taking a health insurance policy at a rich tender age comes with lots of benefits. Apart from the premium increment, there are chances the insurance companies will deny you a health cover.

The Best Health Insurance in Denver, Colorado

Preparing for a future disaster or injury is quite important and many people ask What is the best health insurance plan in Denver? Many experts would argue that the savings you get on a bronze marketplace HMO make the cost so much more effective than a gold or platinum plan. Our agents would say Private Health Insurance is always the best option for health insurance plans in every city in Colorado. As long as you can get approved with no major health conditions or multiple prescriptions than getting on a private insurance plan allows you to have the freedom of a Cigna PPO Network with no referrals needed while still keeping huge savings on the premium because private plans are usually underwritten. So the insurance company will see the client as less of a risk there for passing on the premium savings to the client which allows for example a healthy 42 year old family of 4 in Denver that has a household income of $140,000 to get a private health insurance plan for $780 on the United Health Care PPO Network with not having to pay any deductibles. The same family of 4 with no subsidies on the marketplace would pay $1200-$2000 per month for a bronze, silver or gold plan.

Health insurance plans for college kids in Ohio 

Purchasing health insurance for college kids in Ohio is simple, easy, and available e for all types of budgets you make. Well-child visits, including preventive benefits, are covered at a hundred percent while there are no out-of-pocket expenses. The average costs of these health insurance are not expensive when you liken them to other policy types, while there is also the availability of doctors and specialists’ networks. If you are a dependent, you can remain on your parents’ policy until you become 26 years, if you meet, you meet up with certain needs. Many companies in Colorado, such as;

  • Molina
  • United Health Care
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Cigna PPO

Provides you with a very cheap health insurance plan for young people regardless of age. It can be gotten via the marketplace, private, or coverage provided by an employer. There is so very cheap coverage that is provided by Medicaid and CHIP. Although, this depends on the income of your family. Federal subsidies and “Healthy Start” helps in saving money while also providing many benefits. They offer a plan known as “Child Only.”

In circumstances that involve finance, affording policy may be difficult for you. If you meet up with the eligibility requirements, you will be provided with coverage for a reduction or $0 premium via two established programs: Medicaid and CHIP. Generally, the policy consists of the following;

  • Major Medical
  • Hospital Benefits
  • Dental
  • Preventive
  • Prescription
  • Visits to the office

Although, there may be a robust difference between other private individuals’ policies compared to the provider network of this type of program.

How much does health insurance cost in Ohio?

For Denver, Colorado residents, you should expect to purchase health insurance for an average of $497 for a single person. This covers the basic health insurance of an individual. If you are a healthy person, the price will lower premiums and variance in prices for you.

Monthly Premium for Metal Level Average

The Bronze costs $497

The Silver costs $574

The Gold costs $610

The above is the plans available and their prices from eHealth in Ohio. However, the availability of prices is based on gender, age, and other determining factors. To understand why the availability will benefit you, there will be a need for a personalized quote.

Private health insurance for families

For families and couples seeking a new plan for health insurance, it is of high recommendation that you both seek quotes together while you should separately seek the plan that will come at a very cheaper price for you. Based on health insurance, rates for married persons can depend on how old the youngest individual on the policy is.

Couples who are older than each other with a wider age difference can have more money saved when applying for an exact plan instead of applying for it separately. Married persons older than each other with a. few age can lessen the cost when they apply for the health insurance plan separately. If you are opting for an insurance policy, the most important thing is that you should ensure the plan you are choosing will be beneficial to you and your partner.

Small Business Health Insurance

For the policy of general liability of small businesses in Colorado, people who run a typical small business are expected to pay between the ranges of $300 to $500 Every single year. With the growth of the marijuana industry in Colorado tourism and small business is booming throughout the state. The final cost to be paid for the liability coverage from one business to another may be different. This depends on the system of classification for the GL rating of the insurance company. It also depends on the SIC code of the insurance company. Certain additional factors are determinants in the development of insurance costs. These factors include;

  • Experience of prior claims.
  • Business nature.
  • Where you are located physically.
  • Years you have spent in business.


Denver, Colorado is home to several insurance policy providers, boasting of benefits suitable to a wide range of needs and people. Explore the world of health insurance and pick one that suits your me


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