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Open Enrollment ends August 15th

Aflac Insurance

The Biden administration along with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) extended a special open enrollment for the first time ever from February of 2021 till August 15th and this will end the special enrollment period for Covid that allowed people that lost their jobs to be able to get health insurance in the middle of the year. Usually open enrollment was only from November 1st until January 1 during the Trump years and Obama would have open enrollment last until February 15th or even February 28th some years. What does this mean for you if you need new health insurance? Basically after August 15th you won’t be able to get a marketplace plan so if you think you can qualify for subsidies based on your income or if you have major pre-existing conditions or any expensive medications than make sure you go directly to to sign up for a plan before the 15th of August. If you have a higher household income and rarely see the doctor than you can get private health insurance plans that cater people like your self that want to really just be protected for major medical claims or any serious hospitalization our company can help direct you to health insurance agents around the country that can place you with Cigna or United Health Care PPO Networks as well as Aetna in some areas. The private plans are all underwritten so the insurance company will give you a better plan at a preferred rate as long as you’re healthy enough to be approved.