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I’m Turning 26 And Getting Off My Parents Health Insurance Plan. What Are My Options?

One of the best provisions in the Affordable Care Act was allowing young adults to stay on their parents family health insurance plans until the age of 26. Whether you’re going to college or trade school, or you’re just getting started in your career or don’t have access to great insurance as a young adult, this provision helps you get the coverage you need.

But once you turn 26, it’s time to cut the apron strings – you’ll be kicked off your parent’s plan, and it’s time to find your own health insurance. But what can you do? What are your options for insurance? Find out below.

Get Insurance Through Your Employer

If you have a job with a company that offers health insurance to its employees, this may be the best option for you. Getting insurance through your employer is usually quite affordable, since your employer will typically pay a part of your health insurance premium for you as part of your benefits.

However, not every company offers insurance – particularly smaller companies with fewer than 50 employees, so depending on your job and your company, this may not be an option.

Enroll In A Healthcare.Gov Plan To Get Coverage

When you turn 26, you will enter a “special enrollment period” that will allow you to enroll in healthcare coverage through the Marketplace, which was created as part of the Affordable Care Act.

On this marketplace, you can browse a wide variety of different health insurance plans offered by many different health insurance companies, compare them, and find out which one is right for you.

Depending on your income levels, you may also qualify for tax credits that will reduce the overall cost of your insurance policy – ensuring you don’t have to break your budget to pay your monthly premium.

 Find Insurance Through A Private Health Insurance Broker

Private health insurance brokers like My Private Health Insurance can be a great option if you want more choices than can offer.

Brokers work as “middlemen,” connecting you directly to large health insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare and other major healthcare providers. You can explore a wide variety of plans and find one that’s right for you.

One type of plan that’s very popular with younger adults on a budget is known as a “catastrophic” plan. This type of plan has a very low monthly premium with a high deductible – so it’s a great choice if you are healthy and young and won’t use much medical care, but still want to be covered in case of a serious accident or sudden sickness.

Contact My Private Health Insurance To Find A Policy That’s Right For You

 If you’re confused about the process of finding a private health insurance policy that’s right for you, My Private Health Insurance is here to help. As a leading private health insurance broker, we work with leading insurance providers to help clients of all ages find the health insurance coverage that’s right for their unique situation.

So don’t wait. If you have recently turned 26 and lost coverage through your parent’s health insurance, contact us online or give us a call at 754-206-9583. We can help you explore your options, explain the basics about different types of coverage, and more.