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How Can I Get Health Insurance For My Kids Who Are Going To College Out Of State?

Finding the right health insurance for your family can be challenging at any age, but particularly when your children have grown into young adults – and are going to college out of state. What should you do if your insurance no longer covers them? Find out now.

Your Group Coverage Through Your Employer May Not Cover Your Kids Out-Of-State

Group coverage through your employer is a great way to get health insurance at a great rate. You can pay for part of your insurance premium, and your employer will also pay part of the cost – resulting in a low overall cost for insurance.

But the problem is that lots of group coverage plans are state-specific – and may not end up covering your kids properly when they’re going to school out-of-state. If they end up needing medical care and don’t have proper coverage, the cost of care could be very high due to out-of-network hospitals and doctors.

This can be a particularly tough problem to solve if you have more than one child in college, and they’re both going to school in different states. How can you ensure they get the coverage they need?

Some Schools May Offer Their Own Health Insurance Plans – But Many Don’t

One way you can make sure your child has the health care they need is by getting health insurance through their college. Some larger schools offer this service – which works similarly to employer coverage. As long as your child is a student at the college, they can get coverage.

But lots of schools – particularly smaller schools – don’t offer this service at all. Depending on where your children are going to school, this may simply not be an option. So what can you do to get them the coverage they need?

Nationwide Private Health Insurance With A PPO Network Can Help You Get Coverage

If you want to make sure you and your family are covered nationwide, you may want to change your policy, and find a private health insurance company with a PPO network that will cover you and your kids anywhere throughout the country.

The UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus PPO Network, for example, is a good choice if your children are going to school in a different state. This plan covers medical care throughout the entire nation – giving you peace of mind.

A private healthcare broker like My Private Health Insurance can help you get the coverage you need, and explore healthcare plans from UnitedHealthcare and other providers. If you and your kids will be in different states but you want to ensure they keep a quality health plan, this is a great choice.

Contact My Private Health Insurance To Explore Your Healthcare Options In Detail

With some basic information about you, your home state, the state where your child is going to college, and other such details, an experienced private health insurance broker like My Private Health Insurance can guide you toward the right plan for your specific situation.

So don’t wait. Contact us online or feel free to give us a call at 754-206-9583. We’ll listen to you, learn about your situation, and help you find the coverage your entire family needs to stay healthy and protected for years to come.