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Cigna joins Healthcare giants, increasing its blockchain presence

Two giants in the healthcare industry, Sentara and Cigna, have subscribed to a new blockchain mediated health group. This announcement was made by IBM, one of the world’s leading blockchain service providers. This network aims to form a large and centralized hub for healthcare institutes in a well-controlled and secured interconnected environment. The network also serves to enable healthcare firms to share and collaborate with the aid of blockchain

Other healthcare giants in the network include Anthem, PNC, and HCSC. These firms are looking for avenues to drive digital transformation in the healthcare niche. The advancement is a possible and helpful way of achieving:

● A sustainable solution to various communication challenges

● An improved fee payment platform

● Safe information dissemination

● Updated firm lists.

Anthem’s head of digital service proclaimed that the group was created to enhance transparency and communication in the medical niche and consequently enhance the system. He added that expanding the group’s reach and providing top-grade solutions is a priority and will be achieved through getting across to partner firms.

Blockchain in Health

Typically, blockchain technology is most useful in enhancing data trust. It is a novel way of sharing data and information through a secured platform across many organizations. In simple terms, blockchain is like a computerized record keeper. Besides, the technology can do all these in real-time while providing data security, restricted access, and control across numerous firms.

Cigna’s vice president opined that the company visualizes great potential for this new technology to enhance the old ways of serving clients and creating sustainable trust. Even though they’re the latest group in the network, the company believes that they can collaborate with other members to enhance healthcare access across a wide range of populations significantly.

On the other hand, Sentara is open to any avenue to enhance healthcare using technology, claimed the company’s vice president. He said that the new blockchain integration into healthcare will improve data safety and inter collaboration between firms to provide a patient-centered healthcare model.

Previously, seamless communication between firms was difficult. However, with the improvement in blockchain, new trade platforms and strategies are coming up due to easy communication. IBM’s medical care manager claims that the result of incorporating this tech is a real-time linkage opportunity between firms to enhance a convenient client experience.

Also, there have always been challenges concerning payment and claim processing in the healthcare system. For instance, mistrust between providers and clients could hamper the probability of exploring other methods. In light of this, IBM is looking for ways together with other tech giants to employ blockchains in bridging this gap. 

It is worthy of note that the success of incorporating blockchain into healthcare is dependent on the commitment and desire of other partner firms to join. The inventor expects members from various healthcare systems, managed care providers, and other startups to indicate their interest. All these were publicized during IBM’s annual tech and business conference.

IBM and the Health Giants

IBM, as we mentioned prior, is one of the world’s providers of blockchain technology. The firm hosts several licensed experts that have made mind-blowing innovations in enhancing secured payment and transactions. In collaboration with several firms across the globe, they have been able to employ the blockchain to drive numerous company procedures. The tech giants hold annual conferences to outline various models, partner firms, and novel technological inventions.

On the other hand, Cigna is a healthcare company saddled to provide top-notch healthcare services to clients worldwide. Their services are affordable and put many factors into consideration to enhance a comfortable client experience. Cigna also has a lot of subsidiary firms that provide managed care services through preferred provider platforms. They offer dental therapy, behavioral therapy, laboratory, and pharmaceutical needs in their packages. They also have a wide range of healthcare personnel groups that enable active users to access a wide range of specialist services worldwide. Presently, they provide numerous healthcare services to hundreds of million clients in over 30 countries.

Sentara is another healthcare firm dedicated to quality service, innovation, and a comfortable client experience. It is worthy of note that the company has been doing this for over a century. They’ve been ranked as among the best healthcare providers on multiple occasions. They own more than ten hospitals that provide a wide range of services ranging from orthopedic procedures to neurological therapy and common outpatient clinics. They also own nursing homes, ambulatory centers, diagnostic centers, and emergency hubs. The healthcare giants own a college of health sciences and a managed care service for thousands of individuals.

Facilities Involved

Other healthcare firms involved in this novel blockchain network include Anthem, one of the world’s leading healthcare companies. They are dedicated to improving community health by making access simple and easy. At the moment, they serve almost a hundred million individuals through various managed care plans. The HCSC is also part of this network and is America’s largest managed care firm with subscribers from all over the country. With these large scale firms pledging their allegiance to this novel advancement, the future of blockchain incorporation is bright and near. This is because most of these firms possess a large client base, giving a great platform for testing credibility, acceptability, and universal accessibility. With time, the health system will get a facelift from advancements like these.


The universe is going digital day by day, and every establishment is trying to stay ahead of this trend and use the benefits that technology offers to improve service delivery. The healthcare system is not left out as many providers are employing advancements to enhance client relationships. The newest in this series of daily mind-blowing innovations is the incorporation of blockchain into healthcare. The invention stands to enhance fee security and processing as well as enhanced real-time collaboration between different firms. To this end, and as part of Cigna’s allegiance to employing reasonable means to enhance customer satisfaction, the medical giants have pledged their allegiance to be a part of a growing blockchain assisted group.