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Utah Private Health Insurance

My Private Health Insurance operates in the state of Utah. Our easy to navigate process provides the top healthcare coverage options for your budget.

Our team will put you in contact with an experienced agent ready to help you get the best Utah health insurance for your needs. Whether you’re seeking individual health insurance or short-term health insurance, your agent will provide the best possible options.

Private Health Insurance

After losing your job, you might need private health insurance in Utah. This type of healthcare coverage also comes in handy when your employer doesn’t offer health benefits.

Who Should Consider Utah Private Health Insurance?

If you don’t have a job, currently, and you need health insurance, private health insurance options provide the solution. Some of the most common reasons to use this healthcare coverage include:

  • Freelance workers
  • Independent contractors
  • Those without a job, currently
  • Part-time workers
  • Business owners



Individual Health Insurance

After a big life event, you might need to switch to individual health insurance in Utah. With the right coverage, you’ll be able to protect your health and your finances.

With an individual health insurance plan, you’ll be able to gain the coverage you need. If you become ill or injured, you can go to the hospital without worry.

How do I get Individual Health Insurance in Utah?

We provide a simple process that helps match you with the right agent to provide individual health insurance plans in Utah fitting your needs. We make the process easy and we consider more than just your healthcare needs.

It’s possible to shop on the Health Insurance Marketplace, too, but when that’s not an option, the right agent can give you access to the best health insurance plans in Utah for your needs.

Family Health Insurance

Choosing the best family health insurance option for your needs isn’t always easy. You need to make sure everybody has good healthcare coverage and the plan fits your budget.

Some employers don’t offer coverage at all, while others only offer coverage for you. When you need family health insurance in Utah, finding the right option will help keep the cost of medical bills way down.

Short-Term Health Insurance

Getting the best short-term health insurance in Utah can help fill in the gaps. Whether it’s an employment gap or you have a gap in coverage for another reason, a short-term plan can keep you covered if:

  • You’re in between jobs
  • You just started a new job and your benefits haven’t kicked in yet
  • You’re outside the enrollment period
  • You don’t qualify for your parent’s plan any longer

The right short-term health insurance in Utah can help give you the coverage you need, in a medical situation.

What do Short Term Medical Plans Cover?

Choosing short-term health insurance in Utah to keep you covered means you’ll gain coverage for:

  • Emergency room visits
  • Medications
  • Urgent care
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Hospital visits
  • Preventative care

It works much like a major medical plan, but for a shorter amount of time to fill in coverage gaps.

Catastrophic Health Insurance

Keeping your monthly health insurance bill down requires the right option. You want to have coverage in case of an emergency, but you can’t afford a major medical plan.

When this is your situation, you might qualify for catastrophic health insurance in Utah. This type of healthcare plan provides emergency coverage with a lower monthly premium.

Who Qualifies for a Catastrophic Plan in Utah?

Anybody under the age of 30 will likely qualify for a catastrophic health insurance plan. You may also qualify if you’re over the age of 30, if you can get a hardship/affordability exemption under the guidelines of the ACA.

Small Business Health Insurance

When you own a small business, you need the right benefits package to compete with larger employers. You can offer healthcare benefits with small business health insurance in Utah.

With the right health benefits, you’ll have a tool to help with recruiting and retention. Employees want benefits, especially healthcare benefits. Using small business health insurance can help you compete in the marketplace today.

Does My Business Qualify for Small Business Health Insurance?

When you employ less than 50 people, you can use small business health insurance plans to offer health benefits. It’s still necessary to pay a portion of the premium, but you will avoid any enrollment restrictions.

Large Group Health Insurance

With large group health insurance plans in Utah, you get the ability to offer your employees good health benefits. As a part of a benefits package, when you offer healthcare coverage, you’ll be able to attract better workers and retain them longer.

Large group health insurance plans give you an easy way to compete in your industry. Many workers seek out companies offering good health benefits.

What is Considered a Large Group Health Plan in Utah?

Any employer with more than 50 workers qualify for the large group health insurance plans in Utah. You can also offer supplemental coverage options for employees, including:

  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Critical Illness
  • Accident insurance
  • Hospital indemnity coverage

Adding these optional benefits allows each employee to customize their health insurance plan.

Travel Health Insurance

When it’s time to take a trip overseas or you’ve accepted a job where you’ll be out of the country, you need travel health insurance. Students spending a semester abroad can also use travel health insurance to stay fully protected.

Most major medical plans won’t cover you when you leave the United States. Getting the right travel insurance will ensure you don’t have to worry.

Supplemental Health Insurance

Your major medical health insurance doesn’t cover everything. With supplemental health insurance in Utah, you can gain additional coverage, such as:

  • Life insurance
  • Vision and Dental coverage
  • Disability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Cancer coverage
  • Critical illness coverage

With the right supplemental health insurance options, you can customize your plan to fit your specific needs.

Children’s Health Insurance

Some circumstances require you to get children’s health insurance. Maybe you want to send your kids to a private school or they want to participate in school sports. They will likely need healthcare coverage in these instances.

It’s also possible you don’t get coverage from your employer for dependents. If this is the case, you can also use children’s health insurance in Utah to keep your kids safe.

Affordable Health Insurance

When you work with us, we provide you with the best options for an affordable health insurance plan in Utah. Our team will connect you with a professional agent ready to show you the right options for your specific needs and your budget.

Medi-Share Health Program

Traditional health insurance isn’t for everybody. You might not qualify or it might not fit your lifestyle choices. If this is the case, the Medi-Share Health Program offers an alternative for healthcare coverage.

With Medi-Share, you will choose a plan with a deductible and a monthly share amount. If you need medical services, the cost will be submitted for approval and the medical provider will be paid once it’s approved.

Medi-Share offers a community health sharing program as a good alternative to traditional health insurance options.

You need to find the right health insurance in Utah for you and your family. Our team is ready to help by connecting you to an experienced agent very fast.

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