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Private Health Insurance Cost Calculator

How To Know What You’ll Pay

Not sure how much you’ll pay for health insurance? Need a private health insurance cost calculator? In this blog, we’ll discuss a few things that usually affect the cost of private health insurance, as well as how an insurance broker like My Private Health Insurance can help you calculate how much you’ll pay.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Private Health Insurance – A Quick Overview

There are a lot of different factors that can affect the cost of private health insurance. Here is a brief guide to a few of the biggest influences on the cost of your coverage.

  • Age – Older people tend to pay higher premiums than younger individuals when enrolling in private health insurance, since the likelihood of serious health conditions increases with age.

  • Location – You may pay dramatically higher or lower costs for insurance depending on your location. Rates in New York, for example, may be higher than rates in Kansas.

  • Tobacco use – Tobacco users will pay more for insurance, often up to 50% more compared to non-users. Consider ceasing tobacco use to save on insurance coverage.

  • Individual vs. family plans – Family plans will naturally cost more than individual plans, as they cover more individuals. However, they are often cheaper on a per-person basis compared to individual plans.

  • Deductibles & out-of-pocket costs – Basically, you’ll pay less per month for a plan with high deductibles and higher co-pays. In contrast, a plan that costs more per month will usually have lower deductibles and out-of-pocket costs when you get medical care.

  • Type of health insurance plan – Different types of plans (PPOs, HMOs, and EPOs to name just a few) have different costs and benefits. This blog can help you understand some of the basics.

An Insurance Broker Can Help You Estimate What You’ll Pay For Insurance Coverage

If you’re looking for a private health insurance cost calculator, working with an experienced insurance broker is a great option – especially if you don’t want to try calculating costs yourself, or don’t want a plan.

An insurance broker like My Private Health Insurance can learn more about you and your unique situation, such as your number of family members, income, required coverage, and other details. Then, your broker can calculate how much you’ll pay for insurance, and make recommendations on the best insurance policy for your unique needs.

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You don’t have to keep looking for a cost calculator for private health insurance – if you’re ready to pick out a policy and get quotes for how much you’ll pay, our team members are standing by. Contact us online or give us a call at 754-206-9583 for a consultation & no-commitment quote, and get started right away.