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Orange Theory Buys Peloton Interactive for 8.8 Billion in Stock

With rumors building of Peloton being sold would Orange Theory be a match? We think it’s more than possible and would kill 2 birds with 1 stone for both companies. With Orange Theory you’re giving it’s members the ability to continue their work outs and the Orange Theory culture and vibe on days when they can’t make it inside a studio. It also allows them to go public and raise capital with taking over Pelotons stock listing. Orange Theory’s CEO said in an interview with Yahoo Finance that ” You Can’t replace the in studio experience” which this partnership would help both companies giving Orange Theory’s members a way to stay connected while working out at home and giving Peloton’s members an in studio experience and a chance to see in person some of the coaches live and in person. First question we would have is, does Orange Theory want to go public or do they see more benefit in staying a private business. Also, would they be able to raise that amount of money to get a deal of this size done?