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Fort Lauderdale Small Business Health Insurance

What is the best small business health insurance company in Fort Lauderdale?

If you have a small business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida under 15 employees than you will most likely save a ton of money on offering private health insurance. Rather than getting standard group coverage that will be through the benefits with your pay roll company, a private health plan will save you money on the corporate side as well as the out of pocket costs of your employees. So for small group health insurance plans in Fort Lauderdale we recommend that we set up private health insurance plans with each employee separately where the payment would be deducted from the employees checking account. You than as the employer can give a monthly stipend at the end of each month. You should than tax that amount and have it be credited on the last check that your employees get each month. My Private Health Insurance agents will be able to direct you to see if this is the most affordable option while keeping the insurance of the highest quality with name brand companies like the Cigna PPO Network or the United Health Care PPO Network.

Your other option for acquiring health coverage for your small business in Ft. Lauderdale FL is if you are going to take on all costs as the corporation and than do any deductions from each employee your self on payroll. We can do this as well & provide you with a monthly breakdown of each employee & their families health insurance monthly premiums. You would only get 1 debit monthly for the total cost of the health insurance for your company rather than having 10-15 charges coming out of your business checking account. This sometimes makes things simpler on the accounting side when writing off the health insurance expense for your employees in general or if you decide to keep it to key employees like your executives or C-Suite Team and than have sales staff get private health plans.

Finding quality health insurance for your small business in Davie, Plantation, Pembroke Pines or any cities near Ft.Lauderdale isn’t as difficult as it seems. There are a ton of awesome health insurance plans offered from United Health Care, Blue Cross or the Cigna PPO Network where you are able to give your employees or 1099 contractors the best private health insurance companies in Fort Lauderdale. The job Market is still super competitive and along with top Pay, company culture, work life balance & benefits like quality private health coverage is now super important to job seekers. We know finding quality employees or 1099 sales teams is sometimes difficult but when you offer the best health insurance plans in Florida, you are going to attract top tier employees.