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Cost Of Travel Health Insurance Plans

Looking At The Cost Of Travel Health Insurance Plans

When you’re traveling from home to a foreign land, you want to be covered for problems that may occur during transit or while you’re there. Travel insurance, travel medical insurance, and travel health insurance are the three facets you need to consider. Despite their seemingly similar names, they each perform different functions for an individual that subscribes to them. Most insurers will offer you insurance for travel. They have different plans covering various necessities. If you don’t know which coverage class is the one you’re supposed to buy, you could find yourself in a bit of trouble when you actually have to utilize that insurance plan.

Additionally, where you travel may also have an impact on whether the insurance is accessible there. What type of travel insurance would you need for a short trip, and what about a long one? In this article, we’re going to delve into the different kinds of insurance you’re likely to encounter when planning a trip and discover the costs of travel health insurance and what it’s useful for.

What is Travel Insurance?

If you’ve ever tried to buy a plane ticket to anywhere, you’d have probably seen an encouragement to pay for travel insurance for your trip. Travel insurance aims to ensure your trip, and typically comes with a few medical benefits as part of the package. However, it goes deeper than just emergency medical care. You also get general protection if your trip is delayed or canceled, if you lose your luggage, or you need a medical evacuation. Travel insurance serves as an emergency fallback situation in case you’re injured while on vacation. However, by itself, it doesn’t work for things like checkups or routine dental or doctor visits.

What About Travel Medical Insurance?

Travel medical insurance is a bit more specific in the coverage it offers to individuals. If you’re visiting an exotic locale and you get sick, travel medical insurance will cover your stay while you’re there. You should know if you’re a traveler, that there are all sorts of nasty diseases hiding in different parts of the world. While you’re supposed to get your vaccines before you go to those places, there’s still a risk of picking something up. When you’re a foreigner and fall ill, local organizations and institutions are wary about delivering care, especially when they don’t know if the patient can pay.

Travel medical insurance provides a safety net in case you contract any illness while on your travels. It also covers the same medical emergency fees that travel insurance would cover. It’s a more comprehensive health coverage plan for travelers, but it focuses on diseases and illnesses. If you’re looking to visit a doctor for a regular checkup or just want a simple diagnosis, the medical insurance won’t cover that visit, and you’d be required to pay it out of pocket.

And Travel Health Insurance?

With more and more Americans looking to retire overseas, there was a need for health insurance that would address long-term overseas living. Insurance companies started to offer travel health insurance for these patients. The coverage isn’t provided only to retirees, however. If you’re a volunteer of an NGO traveling overseas or a long-term student staying in the country you’re studying in, travel health insurance might be just what you need.

When we examine the structure of travel health insurance, it’s quite similar to domestic health insurance. It offers coverage for things like checkups, standard doctor’s office visits, consultations, and more. Depending on the company that’s providing your insurance, the things it covers are likely to vary. Suppose you are looking for travel health insurance. In that case, you should be aware that taking out one of these policies is expected to require medical underwriting (a disclosure and examination of your medical history). You may also be responsible for paying for deductibles. Unlike domestic plans, there’s no maximum out-of-pocket limit, so you should be acutely aware of what your travel health insurance covers.

Costs of Travel Health Insurance

Unfortunately, there are no readily available data points to compare travel health insurance. Not many people invest in these insurance plans, and they usually require a direct quote from the insurer. The cost of the coverage varies by the buyer’s age, the location they’re traveling to, and how long they’ll be spending there. These travel health insurance plans are also not ACA-approved. There’s usually no out-of-pocket maximum, and the insurance company may calculate premiums on a per-visit, per-month, or per-quarter value. You may also be subject to a pre-existing condition check and an additional cost depending on if you have one.

Most Domestic Insurance Plans Won’t Cover Overseas Medical Visits

The medical insurance and healthcare systems in the US are unique compared to anywhere else in the world. Because much of what goes on within the US system doesn’t have an equivalent overseas, many medical plans only offer limited coverage if you’re traveling. Many don’t offer any coverage at all. Travel insurance is a stopgap measure that you can leverage if you experience an accident or emergency abroad. However, if you intend to live for an extended period overseas, you are likely to need a dedicated health insurance plan to cover your needs. Travel health insurance providers are not as numerous as domestic insurance providers. Comparing them is a much easier job, once you have a simple method to display the costs against one another.

Insurers that offer travel health insurance also provide travel medical insurance. If you’re not looking for coverage for checkups and doctor’s visits during your stay overseas, medical insurance can save you on costs over private health insurance. To determine the savings and whether you’re better off with one insurer or another, My Private Health Insurance offers visitors a simple comparison tool. With a few clicks, you can determine at a glance which plans offer the best value for money. If you’re shopping around for travel health insurance, check us out today and see what your options are!