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Comprehensive List of US Health Insurance Sites

Finding health insurance within the US requires that you do proper research. Luckily, many local health areas, as well as the federal government, provide the information necessary to learn what you need to know. My Private Health Insurance collated the most pertinent governmental links and information for clients who want to learn more about healthcare in their area or in general. This comprehensive list offers sites across every state and government department that deals with health insurance so you can find out the pertinent information to make your decisions.

Federal Bodies

Health Insurance Advisories by State

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About This List

These links represent the state and federal bodies’ attempts to offer insight into the health insurance system. This approach aims to help citizens either by providing locals a chance to explore their local insurance market or by covering programs that apply to the state’s residents. This list hopes to be exhaustive and more links will be added as those states implement more state-specific insurance searches.

Comparative insurance should be the goal of state legislatures when offering services for citizens of the state. Unfortunately, not every state has a comparison site that users can rely on to figure out what insurance within the state covers. That’s where My Private Health Insurance can fill the gap and offer clients a chance to see the details of health insurance plans and how they compare with one another. If you’d prefer coverage more in-depth than the insurance your state offers or want to see how different plans stack up, give us a call today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results!